The Future for Thematic ETFs


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About This Episode

Founded in 2018, Defiance ETFs is an ETF sponsor and registered investment advisor focused on thematic investing. Its suite of rules-based ETFs allows retail and institutional investors to express a targeted view on dynamic sub-sectors that are leading the way in disruptive innovations.

About Our Guest

Paul Dellaquila in the president of Defiance ETFs and is responsible for overseeing its operations, ETF product development and distribution. Prior to joining Defiance, Paul was a leader of U.S. Wealth Advisory ETF distribution for BlackRock and was formerly head of iShares Private Group sales desk. At BlackRock he was also responsible for iShares ETF distribution efforts across the wirehouse, independent and private wealth channels and held senior roles overseeing BlackRock open end, SMA and iShares distribution for the wirehouse channel.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Defiance ETF web site.