Minisode: New Insights in Behavioral Finance

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About This Episode

From the sage investor to the novice with little to no experience, humans are inherently emotional and often irrational when it comes to money decisions. This year alone, we’ve already seen how a global pandemic, unstable markets, and a sensationalized news cycle can influence investor behavior. This begs the question: How can financial professionals help keep their clients on track through uncertainty?

My guest today, Mark Halloran, answered that question in a webinar we hosted in August. There were so many questions from the audience that I decided to have Mark back as my guest today to dig a little deeper into the critically important topic of behavioral finance.

About Our Guest

Mark is managing director and head of business development for individual markets at Transamerica. That group is responsible for Transamerica’s retail and institutional distribution relationships for Annuity and Asset Management product lines. Mark also has charge of the Industry and Regulatory Strategy team, which is responsible for development and execution of Transamerica’s strategies in response to business environment and regulatory changes.

Show Notes

Here is a link where can find more tools from Transamerica to help with behavioral issues. It includes questions to help you start the conversation with new prospects, annual review sheets to keep current clients engaged, and budget worksheets that can help you keep clients on track and refocus them on their goals. Here are links to the videos that Mark mentioned at the beginning of the podcast: The Asch Conformity Video , the Framing Video,the Candid Camera Elevator Experiment Video and finally the Awareness Test Video. Here is a link to the webinar that Mark conducted in August.