Minisode - The Evolution of Defined-Outcome Investing

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About The Episode

The concept of define-outcome investing has evolved from the use of options in conventional portfolios to structured notes and now to turnkey funds and ETFs that offer built-in downside protection with participation in the market upside. Those ETFs and related products have become extremely popular in this environment, where advisors and their clients are tuned in to the higher level of market volatility and the fear of a large market downturn.

About Our Guest

Karan Sood is CEO and founder of Cboe Vest. He is a pioneer of the defined-outcome investing space, which has grown from nothing to $3B in assets over the past three years. His firm created the novel concept of the buffer-protect strategy in a 40-Act wrapper in 2013, launched the first buffer strategy indexes and the first 40-Act buffer strategy fund in 2016. Today, Cboe Vest manages and/or serves as subadvisor to such strategies in multiple ETFs, UITs, mutual funds and retirement collective investment trusts.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Cboe Vest website.