Minisode - Downside Protection with Long/Short Funds

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About The Episode

In a down market, one of the types of investments that should perform well is long-short equity funds. But not all those funds have given investors the downside protection they need. I am talking today with the manager of a long-short equity fund that has delivered this year. That fund is the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund (AGAZX). Although it is down 8.21% this year, that is 132 basis points better than the S&P 500 total-return index, and 244 basis points better than the Morningstar long-short equity fund category average.

About Our Guest

Harin de Silva, CFA, Ph.D. is president of Analytic Investors portfolio manager at Analytics Investors, which is the sub-advisor to 361 Capital’s long/short equity funds. He is the portfolio manager of the 361 Global Long/Short Equity Fund (AGAZX) and 361 Domestic Long/Short Equity Fund (ADMZX). He is regarded as one of the top quantitative managers in the country, and has several Graham Dodd Awards for his writings.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the 361 Capitalsite.