Minisode - Understanding the Popularity of Defined-Outcome ETFs

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About The Episode

In this era of pandemic-induced market volatility, advisors are systematically searching for investment products that limit downside losses. They are willing to give up some upside potential to reduce their exposure to painful, black-swan events like we have seen. One of the product types designed to do this and that has benefited from strong asset flows is defined-outcome ETFs. Here today to talk about how those ETFs work is one of the principals from Innovator ETFs, the leading provider of defined-outcome ETFs.

About Our Guest

Bruce Bond is co-founder and CEO of Innovator Capital Management. Having cofounded Power Shares Capital Management in 2003, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of the ETF industry. His leadership, creativity and entrepreneurial vision challenged the conventional thinking about ETFs and blazed a trail that made way for the massive growth of what is known today as smart or strategic beta.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Innovator ETF web site.