Minisode - The Impact of the Coronavirus on E-Commerce

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About The Episode

On March 24, I hosted a webinar with my guest today on how advisors can capitalize on the explosive growth in e-Commerce. In our interconnected world, significant disruptions underscore the need for resilient supply chains. We explored the risks posed by COVID-19 to economic growth, particularly with respect to the consumer, cold storage, and cannabis. That webinar was so popular that we were overwhelmed with more questions than we could answer. But I am fortunate a presenter from that webinar is with me today to answer the unanswered questions.


About Our Guest

Kevin R. Kelly is the founder, CEO and managing partner of Benchmark Investments where he also serves as the index portfolio manager of Benchmark’s SCTR℠ index series. Benchmark’s SRVR℠, INDS℠, and RTL℠ indexes power investment products and asset mandates for leading institutions. Kevin’s thought leadership on markets, eCommerce, 5G & Cloud Technologies, and retail can be found throughout media outlets weekly. In September of 2014, Nasdaq named Kevin Kelly an ‘ETF Insider’ and he is frequently featured at industry events.


Show Notes

Here is a link to the webinar that Advisor Perspectives hosted on March 24 with Kevin and Sean. Here is a link to the Benchmark ETF web site.