Minisode - A Tactical Approach to Factor Investing

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About The Episode

The last decade has been a painful one for investors who believe in a factor-based approach to investing and have stuck with those factors that historically performed well – namely the value factor, which has severely underperformed growth over those 10 years. But a breed of products have avoided that plight. Funds and ETFs that have were designed to be nimble and allocate across a range of factors have not suffered the same performance deficit.

About our Guest

John Lunt is the president and founder of Lunt Capital Management, Inc. John has created a series of dynamic and tactical investment strategies used by financial advisors around the country. Lunt Capital has built custom indices calculated by S&P Dow Jones Indices and by Nasdaq Global Indexes that are used as the engines in ETFs, separate accounts, and model portfolios.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Lunt Capital’s web site, for those who would like more information.