What to Do When a Strategy Performs Poorly

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About the Episode

In recent years, U.S. stocks have far outperformed international stocks, and growth stocks have far outperformed value stocks. That has led many to question the benefits of diversification and ask what they should do when an investment strategy performs poorly. This podcast will answer that question.

About Our Guest

My guest today is Larry Swedroe, a name that will be familiar to readers of Advisor Perspectives, as he is one of our most widely read authors. Larry is the chief research officer and a board member at Buckingham Strategic Wealth. He is the author or author of eight books and co-author of another nine on investing. His latest work, “Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement,” was co-authored with Kevin Grogan and published in January 2019.

In his role at Buckingham, Larry regularly reviews the findings published in dozens of peer-reviewed financial journals, evaluates the outcomes and uses the result to inform the firm’s formal investment strategy recommendations.

Show Notes

Here is a link to Buckingham Strategic Wealth’s web site, for those who would like more information. Here is a link to the slides from Larry’s presentation. The books Larry mentioned in this podcast were Your Complete Guide to Factor Based Investing and Reducing the Risk of Black Swans.