Can a Low-Volatility Strategy Reduce Risk?

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About the Episode

According to Morningstar, in the first four months of the year, funds trying to mitigate risk raised nearly $10 billion. My guest today will explain how his firm combined quality with low volatility in a suite of three funds that were launched very recently. Indeed, this approach can be seen as the “next evolution of low volatility-based strategies.”

Our guest today is Chris Huemmer, who is a senior vice president and senior investment strategist for FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds, part of Northern Trust Asset Management. He is responsible for equity strategy and provides equity product development, investment strategy and related ETF product expertise to the team.

Show Notes

At 9:01 Chris says "...align our client needs and investment objectives with innovative IP." In this sentence "IP" stands for investment process.

For more information about Chris Huemmer, here is a link to his bio. Here is a link to get more information on the funds discussed in this podcast.