The Biggest Innovation in the ETF Industry

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This episode was recorded at the Inside ETFs conference in Hollywood, FL in 2019. We apologize for the background noise from the conference, but hope you continue to list to this great conversation.

Episode Details

One of the great paradoxes of the asset management industry is that its focus is on designing products that grow assets, yet that’s often not what investors need. Investors want a to participate in the market’s upside but be protected from downside losses. I’m going to talk today with two people who are at the forefront of a revolution in ETF product design to support the growth-driven needs of investors.

About Our Guests

Bruce Bond and Matt Kaufman. Bruce is co-founder and CEO of Innovator Capital Management. Having cofounded PowerShares Capital Management in 2003, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of the ETF industry. Matt is a principal at Milliman's Financial Risk Management practice in Chicago.