What Happened to All the Public Equities?

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One of the most remarkable developments in the financial markets over the last 25 years is that the number of publicly traded companies has declined by half. We’ll look at the reasons for that decline and what it means for investors.

About Michael Edesess

Michael Edesess is an accomplished mathematician and economist with experience in the investment, energy, environment, and sustainable development fields. He is the author of The Big Investment Lie, a book about the investment services industry and the co-author of the forthcoming book, The 3 Simple Rules of Investing: Why Everything You've Heard about Investing is Wrong — and What to Do Instead? In 1994, he became a founding partner of the Lockwood Financial Group and served as its chief economist until the firm was sold to The Bank of New York in September 2002. His articles appear regularly in Advisor Perspectives.