Diversifying Away from the Mag 7

Buoyed by the Magnificent Seven, the first half of the year saw strong results for investors. But there are headwinds on the horizon — Fed policy changes, geopolitical tensions, and other factors that could impact market results.

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors, Astoria Portfolio Advisors, and Clark Capital Management Group as they explore three takeaways from State Street Global Advisor's Midyear ETF Market Outlook: diversifying away from the Magnificent Seven, optimizing income through short-term core and credit, and positioning for macro volatility through real assets.


How Advisors Should Approach the Second Half of 2024

With numerous question marks heading into the year, 2024 appears to have shown surprising resilience. Has the Fed truly stuck the soft landing? Is AI still in the early innings? Is the labor market back to normal?

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors, Horizon Investments, and GLOBALT Investments for a wide-ranging webcast that will unpack what investors can expect in the second half of 2024.


Reading the Markets: The Fed Watch and How New Ideas Emerge

Investors have been so preoccupied with Fed policy that they missed the economy sticking the soft landing.


Finding Opportunities with Active Fixed Income ETFs

Looming rate cuts can provide opportunities, but also present unique challenges. They can increase reinvestment risk and decrease returns. But tight credit spreads don’t necessarily mean poor returns.

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors and Loomis, Sayles & Company as they unpack an active fixed income strategy built to take advantage of opportunities and thread the complicated needle of this unusual fixed income environment.


Sectors & Industries: Combat Market Concentration

Advisors are using sector and industry ETFs to combat concentration risk and position for macro variables.

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors for a free webcast that unpacks how sector and industry investing can help diversify today’s portfolios.


A Winning Mindset: Balancing Risk and Reward with Tony Finau

Golfers and investors are interested in the same thing: results. But navigating market events, or a tricky par 5, requires balancing risk and reward. Like selecting the proper club, appropriate asset allocation is crucial when seeking success and reaching investors' desired long-term outcomes. That's why often overlooked mid caps present exciting opportunities for investors.

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors to learn about the opportunity mid-cap ETFs provide and hear golf legend Tony Finau discuss his winning mindset and approach to balancing risk and reward for long-term success.


Building Bonds for 2024 and Beyond

Fixed income has seen numerous changes recently. First the 60/40 portfolio was dead. Then it was alive and healthier than ever. Rates continue to vex investors. In short, this is a market unlike anything investors have seen in the past 15 years.

Fortunately, there are opportunities for savvy investors. Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors, Market Guard and Clark Capital Management as they unpack the state of the bond market and outline strategies for building a fixed income portfolio that can be durable in 2024 and beyond.


Higher Rates for Longer? Fixed Income Positioning Ideas

With the Fed’s pause on hikes, investors may be tempted to reposition fixed income portfolios for a lower rate environment - but rates could remain elevated for longer than many think. Get prepared.

Join the professionals at State Street Global Advisors and VettaFi for a webcast that unpacks the ins and outs of fixed income portfolio construction

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The ETF Impact Report 2023: Trends, Growth, and Opportunities

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Going ‘Back to School’: Portfolio Construction in the New Normal

As investors consider the complicated environment we live in, building a portfolio requires a robust understanding of market sentiment, volatility, styles, and positioning. Strategies centered around sector rotation that put volatility top of mind or asset allocation strategies that have smart, tactical risk management can help advisors construct a portfolio to meet the moment.

Join a panel of experts from State Street Global Advisors, VettaFi, Horizon Investments, and Main Management for an in-depth webcast.


Balancing Recession and Recovery

Join the experts at State Street Global Advisors, Confluence Investment Management, Riverfront Investment Group, and VettaFi for a discussion about the state of the markets.


Gold 2023 Outlook: Recession and Rates to Remain in Focus

George Milling-Stanley of State Street Global Advisors provides his outlook for gold in 2023, as well as the specific headwinds and tailwinds he expect to drive price activity moving forward.


Emerging Market Central Banks Set To Remain Tailwind For Gold Prices

For the last decade, central bank gold purchases have accounted for between 10% and 15% of total gold demand. George Milling-Stanley of SSGA takes a look at historical gold purchasing cycles over the past 50 years…


Gold Nuggets: What Can We Learn From Recent History?

George Milling-Stanley, Chief Gold Strategist at State Street Global Advisors, discusses the current gold market environment as well as several reasons why investors can remain optimistic about gold’s outlook moving forward.

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2021 ETF Market Outlook: The Way Forward

After a year that offered the best of times and the worst of times, how might COVID-19 vaccines, a new administration and more global cooperation support a healthy rebound in 2021? Download our 2021 Market Outlook to get 3 strategies for the way forward.