4 Key Ways Investors Benefit

Executive summary:

  • Financial advisors provide a variety of key services to investors as part of their holistic wealth management offering
  • These services help guide investors through the many phases of their lives and of the markets.
  • Each provides significant value to investors as quantified in our annual Value of An Advisor study.

Life is full of surprises. If you don’t have a crystal ball, you can’t really predict what may come next in your life—or in the markets. That’s why we should always be prepared for any potential situation.

Most of us will follow a pretty standard path in life: we’re likely going to navigate careers, relationships, and major financial events (like having children or buying a home) until we get to an age where we then enjoy the fruits of our labors. Of course, all of us will face an obstacle or two along the way. I know I have!

It’s a different story for the markets. They do tend to go higher over time, but their path is not always clear. There are any number of events or situations that affect them. Just consider the past few years in which the markets have been buffeted by wars, a global pandemic, corporate bankruptcies, surging inflation, or the emergence of accessible artificial intelligence. We can never predict what may be on the horizon. And this year, in which more than half of the global population1 is going to elect new leaders, the potential for volatility is significant.

At Russell Investments, we believe advisors are never more important than during periods of the unknown – which, frankly, is all the time! We truly can never know what may come next in our lives or the markets.

We believe that advisors play a critical role in steering investors through the various market environments they may encounter over their lives – and through the various major life events they undergo.