Russell Investments 2024 Private Markets Survey: Where Do Managers See Opportunities Today?

Executive summary:

  • The survey shows that private markets managers see attractive opportunities in several industries, sectors, and assets, including decarbonization, real estate and infrastructure. In particular, some see European private real estate as an especially compelling opportunity.
  • An overwhelming majority of managers surveyed believe there will be an increased demand for impact strategies.
  • The results indicate that the democratization of private markets continues, with increased demand from financial advisors and their clients.


Private markets continue to become an even more prevalent component of investor portfolios, providing access to an expanded opportunity set and strong diversification beyond traditional stocks and bonds. We expect this trend will continue as investors seek to find new sources of return and portfolio protection in a challenging market environment.

Given the dynamic nature of the unlisted market, we recently surveyed private markets managers to help provide a clear lens through which to view the changing nature of this growing and increasingly important investment landscape.

In this survey, we focused the questions on the following five perspectives:

  • Key investment strategies
  • Opportunities and risks
  • Value creation
  • Impact investing
  • Investors and products

We wish to thank the many private markets investment professionals who contributed their time, effort, and insights by responding to the survey. It is our distinct relationship with underlying managers that earns us this unique access to insights and analysis, which we trust proves valuable to your organization as you continue to develop your private market programs moving forward.