This Active ETF Stands Out for 2024 Rate Cuts

Looking for a way to play potential 2024 rate cuts? Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell recently reiterated that the central bank plans to cut rates this year. While multiple cuts would undoubtedly provide a major boost, even one or two in the first half of 2024 could change the market landscape. For investors looking to play those cuts, the active ETF TMSL may offer one of the strongest options.

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Why the T. Rowe Price Small-Mid Cap ETF (TMSL)? It provides active exposure to small and midcap firms. Those firms could benefit more than their large-cap rivals should rates drop and borrowing become more affordable.

In tech, for example, smaller firms often must borrow quite a bit on future revenue potential. Midcap firms, meanwhile, may have debt costs holding them back from taking a big step forward. Rate cuts could kick-start smaller firms and ease the path toward expansion for midcaps.

How TMSL Can Help

The challenge, then, comes from finding the right firms in those spaces. That’s why an active ETF can help. Well-resourced active managers have the potential for a big information advantage with smaller company research. Through deeper research, they have the potential to find undiscovered gems.

TMSL stands out for its ability to leverage the full T. Rowe Price capabilities as one of the industry’s leading small- and mid-cap management firms. It charges 55 basis points for that approach, which is competitive in the active small/mid-cap space. The Fund applies growth or value style as needed. The strategy considers individual stocks based on profitability, stability, earnings quality, and more.