A Wonderful Options-Based Dividend-Focused ETF?

This week, VettaFi hosted a webcast in partnership with Swan Global. The educational focus was on the challenges of achieving sustainable income and the benefits of an options-based strategy. The day of the virtual event, the Swan Global Enhanced Dividend Income Strategy (SCLZ) began trading.

SCLZ combines Swan Global’s expertise in options trading with O’Shares Investment’s experience in stock selection of quality stocks with a history of dividend growth. Joining Swan Global’s Jeff Thomas and Chris Hausman were Kevin O’Leary and Connor O’Brien of O’Shares ETF Investments. I moderated the event.

Thomas referred to the combination of the two firms during the webcast as peanut butter and chocolate forming a Reese’s. Swan also offers the Swan Global Hedged Equity US Large Cap ETF (HEGD), a $230 million options-based ETF, as well as mutual funds and separate accounts.