China Stumbles While The World Rumbles

Tomorrow marks the start of China’s Lunar New Year, meaning it’s out with the Rabbit and in with the Dragon… but all eyes remain on the Bear. And no, I’m not talking about the hit Hulu series, but Russia.

In case you’re not aware, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson posted his interview with Russian President Vladmir Putin on X today. Despite it being over two hours long, I urge everyone to go watch it, not because I place any value in what Putin has to say but to look into the mind of one of America’s and the Western world’s chief adversaries.

When Carlson asks Putin why he invaded Ukraine, Putin launches into a half-hour-long history lesson that begins in the ninth century. Although the president’s command of 1,200 years of Eastern Europe history is impressive, it’s not a serious answer as to why an invasion had to occur in the year 2022.

Carlson is right to ask if all countries should go back to their centuries-old borders, to which Putin says they’re welcome to try.

Ukraine declared its independence in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union, along with Lithuania, Belarus, Crotia, Slovenia and other former Soviet states. It would be difficult to make the argument that Ukraine is a model country—as the poorest nation in Europe, it still struggles with corruption—but after more than 30 years of self-rule, it’s just as entitled to defend itself from violent aggressors as Israel is.

That’s true no matter a person’s opinions on Putin, Carlson, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy or President Joe Biden.