The ETF Playoffs: Time to Crown a Champion

The ETF Playoffs have reached the final round. This weekend, spot bitcoin ETFs will square off against artificial intelligence to see who gets to be the champion of 2024! The winners were determined by vote on Exchange’s LinkedIn page. With the championship nigh, voting for the winner will open soon.

The ETF Playoffs

A Tight Final Four Round

The final four match was a battle for the ages. Spot bitcoin took an early, dominant lead, while AI fought off a surging actively managed fixed income. Equal-weight large caps had a sleepy round, despite their compelling investment case.

Actively managed fixed income went far, but its Cinderella story ends here. The finals have been determined.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs vs AI

The two investment ideas advancing are spot bitcoin ETFs and AI. Investors are eager to be forward looking, and in 2024 will seek to capitalize on new ideas that could challenge the status quo.

Cryptocurrency is coming off of the “crypto winter.” The SEC approval of spot bitcoin products was a shot in the arm for crypto, but it had quietly been gaining value and performing even before the spot products got their long-sought approval.

Artificial Intelligence is a theme that its proponents say could touch every corner of the market. Large language models are seeing increased popularity and many are touting an AI future as inevitable.