The Weather Is Changing for Climate-Focused Investors

Erin Bigley: As equity investors hunt for opportunities, why should they consider climate-focused investing?

Kent Hargis: We see plenty of investments growing in both energy transition, through wind and through solar, also through the growth of electric vehicles, and we expect that to grow much faster than the market over the course of the next 10 years. We also see that in the private sector is supporting or complementing the public sector.

Erin Bigley: David, what are you seeing?

Dave Wheeler: I see government policies, I see technological innovation, I see capital flows really lining up behind the need to address climate change. And so when I think about the investment opportunities, certainly companies that provide solutions to climate challenges should see strong tailwinds for their businesses in the years ahead.

Kent Hargis: So really it is more than just excluding companies that have risk to climate change. It really is taking advantage of those opportunities.

Erin Bigley: How has the landscape for climate-focused investing changed over the past year or so?