A Spot Bitcoin ETF is Coming Soon – Join VettaFi Event to Learn More

The ETF industry is buzzing as long-awaited spot bitcoin ETFs are likely to get the green light from the SEC in the coming days. We expect trading of multiple products to begin soon after. VettaFi is so focused on advisor education about the asset class, we are hosting a Crypto Symposium on January 12.

This two-plus hour virtual event, complete with continuing education credits, will provide much needed insights. We believe many advisors understand ETFs but need to learn how to talk to clients about cryptocurrencies. We also know that many investors are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency given that bitcoin rose more than 150% in 2023. Yet, they need to understand what makes investing in ETFs unique.

What Do Advisors Think About Cryptocurrency?

A December survey of advisors Bitwise Asset Management and VettaFi conducted helps set the stage. In the prior 12 months, 88% of advisors were asked questions by a segment of their client base. Approximately 10% are hearing from more than one-fifth of their relationships. However, there is strong likelihood that more people see and hear cryptocurrency advertisements once spot bitcoin ETFs are trading and the competition heats up.

What Percentage of clients asked questions about crypto in the past 12 months?

VettaFi expects multiple spot bitcoin ETF products will be trading soon. Which is great, since an ETF is the preferred choice of gaining access to cryptocurrency. Nearly two-thirds of surveyed advisors are looking to ETFs. All other choices provided including direct ownership of coins, a mutual fund, or a separately managed account were significantly less popular.

If all options were on the table what would be your preferred way to invest into Crypto?