5 Bitcoin And Digital Asset Predictions For 2024

Like the market in general, Bitcoin has notched a strong ending to 2023 after trading rangebound for most of the year. If today were the last day of 2023, the king of digital assets would have returned almost 155%, marking the best year since 2020, when it rose a phenomenal 305%.

With only two weeks remaining in December, I figured now would be an ideal time to share my top five Bitcoin and digital asset predictions for 2024. As a reminder, these are my personal predictions and do not reflect those of U.S. Global Investors.

1. A Spot Bitcoin ETF Will Launch In The U.S., Sparking A Price Revaluation.

There are no guarantees in life, but a U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETF now appears to be imminent.

Bloomberg Intelligence puts the odds of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving a filing by January 10 at 90%. It’s possible we’ll see back-to-back launches of Bitcoin ETFs in January—as many as 10, Bloomberg estimates.