Jeremy Grantham Announced as Latest Exchange Keynote

Jeremy Grantham will be a keynote speaker at Exchange, joining an exceptional roster of luminaries, thought leaders, and industry titans.

Mr. Grantham is a co-founder of GMO, which launched in 1977. He currently serves as the firm’s Long-Term Investment Strategist and Chairman of its Board of Directors. Before GMO, Grantham co-founded Batterymarch Financial. He began his career as an economist with Royal Dutch Shell. He has been profiled in many publications, including Forbes, Barron’s, and Business Week, and is regularly quoted by the financial press.

The Titan of Beacon Hill

Known in part for his economic pessimism and ability to spot speculative investment bubbles, Grantham has recently urged investors that U.S. equities are broadly overvalued and in bubble territory. But not all his words are of warning. Grantham sees quality stocks, even in the U.S., as an interesting opportunity. In an interview with MarketWatch, he said, “When it comes to quality, they have less risk of every kind, they have less debt, they go bankrupt less, they have less volatility, they have a lower beta… That is a free lunch.” It’s no coincidence that GMO launched the GMO U.S. Quality ETF (NYSE: QLTY) as its first-ever ETF in November, targeting U.S. high-quality stocks.

Grantham Brings Gravitas to Exchange

With his grounded views of economic reality, Grantham’s perspective is critically important in these times of economic uncertainty. Grantham’s track record as an investor speaks volumes. Accordingly, his advice will be vital given the economic headwinds facing 2024.