The ETF Express US Distribution Awards Coming to Exchange

VettaFi is thrilled to announce that the ETF Express U.S. Distribution Awards will be part of Exchange in 2024. Exchange is just a few short months away. The financial services community will be gathered in Miami Beach February 11-14. Accordingly, Exchange is an ideal venue for the ETF Express awards.

“Many ETF awards come from third-party experts, but the awards taking place at Exchange will be unique,” said Todd Rosenbluth, VettaFi’s head of research. “Advisors have a great understanding of the asset management landscape and what products matter most to meeting their clients’ goals.“

A Tradition of Recognizing Excellence

ETF Express is one of the oldest publications to focus on the global ETF industry. Launched in 2006, it has a history of bringing news, features, interviews, and analysis about the industry. Additionally, the U.S. distribution awards were introduced in 2019 and were designed to recognize leading asset managers in the American ETF marketplace.

Advisors at Exchange will have the opportunity to lend their voices and vote on the awards. Consequently, this democratization of the awards adds additional authenticity, as the professionals who use these products will have a say in the winners.

Due to their focus on advisor education, VettaFi won the Best ETF Research Provider award this year.