Why BondBloxx is on the “Road to Exchange”

VettaFi CMO Jon Fee hosted Cole Feinberg, a BondBloxx partner, in an episode of “Road to Exchange.”

“Conferences are no longer moments in time – they’re movements,” Fee noted at the top of the video. Much like anticipation of a vacation is as much a part of the pleasure of that experience as the vacation itself, the lead up to an event is a critical part of it. As the financial services community gears up to gathering in Miami Beach on February 11th through 14th, there’s an opportunity for advisors to begin making the connections that they can solidify in person at the event itself.

Top of Mind for Advisors

Asked what is top of mind for advisors in the lead up to Exchange, Feinberg observed “Two words – Fixed income.” In today’s unusual rate environment, how advisors think about the Fed’s actions and which parts of the yield curve hold the most opportunity is critical. “It is really fun to work at a place like BondBloxx where we are hyper-focused on and can really dig into those topics.”

The BondBloxx Fixed Income Toolbox

Feinberg hopes that BondBloxx can provide advisors with the fixed income tools they need. “If I’ve learned anything its ‘nobody knows an advisors portfolio better than an advisor.’” Accordingly, he shared some of the tools in the BondBloxx toolbox that advisors have been resonating with.

The first is the BondBloxx Bloomberg Six Month Target Duration US Treasury ETF (XHLF) which offers a 6-month duration U.S. Treasury exposure. “You are getting paid nearly five and half percent,” Feinberg said. Furthermore, the fund gives a low-cost option to investors looking to work the front end of the curve. “Being low cost it really scratches a lot of itches.