Exchange 2024: How Do You Build on Sand?

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad… We have serious problems, and we need serious people.” — The American President

As I write this, we’re just about three months out from kicking off Exchange 2024 in Miami, Florida. Obviously I and the whole team here at VettaFi would love it if you came. Over the next 90 days, part of my job will be to explain why I think what we’re doing at Exchange matters, perhaps convincing you that these are conversations you would like to be a part of.

But let’s face it, that’s a tall order.

It’s February 12, 2024. Presidential primaries will have just started, and that will be dominating the airwaves. More than likely, geopolitical concerns will resolve around dueling conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. Inflation and interest rates will still be on the tip of our economic tongues. Other than that, I, like anyone who’s honest, have no idea what will happen between now and then.

But what I can predict with 100% accuracy is that we — the big We, citizens, Americans, investors, advisors, the wealthy, the poor — will still be deeply divided, have historically low faith in every kind of institution, and be just as bad at talking to each other as we are today.

So why in the world would you hop on a plane or in a car and come to Exchange? Because growth can only happen from a firm foundation, and I don’t know about you, but the foundations of Western democratic capitalism seem to be sitting on wet sand at the moment, and I’d like to have a clue what to do about that — as a citizen, as an investor, and frankly, as a person.

That’s what we’re tackling at Exchange: having real conversations about the things that will help us build on sand.