Equity Symposium Set to Cast a Wide Net

VettaFi’s Equity Symposium is just over a week away and will provide advisors with free access to some of the most important thought leaders in the investment space.

Earn CE Credits and Get Valuable Knowledge at the Equity Symposium

On Thursday, September 21st, advisors will have an opportunity to earn CE credits and take advantage of thought leadership from folks like VanEck Product Manager Coulter Regal, who will discuss opportunities in the large-cap segment and emerging trends that present significant growth potential.

According to Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VettaFi, “The S&P 500 is up 18% this year and the Nasdaq 100 has done even better rising 40%. Because of this, there’s a lot of uncertainty heading into the fourth quarter. Advisors are looking for guidance about where the market heads next given elevated valuations.”

Covering Ground

The conference, much like equities themselves, will cover a ton of ground. Expect to ge the low down on products like the Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ETF (FBCG), the VanEck Morningstar Wide Moat ETF (MOAT), the Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (WINN), and the Goldman Sachs Future Health Care Equity ETF (GDOC).

Rosenbluth Walks Through the Symposium

“We kick off the conference with an active portfolio from Fidelity to share best ideas and from a product manager at VanEck to understand how to find high-quality investments. We then will dive into the potential benefits of active management in this environment. In recent years asset managers have brought some of their leading security selection ideas to the ETF market — since that’s how a growing number of advisors want to invest. Harbor Capital and Goldman Sachs are two such firms and we’ll hear from them about the range of active strategies they offer,” Rosenbluth said.