Why Gold Is a Must-Have During a Banking Crisis

There are many reasons to buy and hold physical gold. The lack of counterparty risk, the diversification, and the hedge against inflation are among the top reasons to own monetary metals.

The public is only in the early process of figuring out why gold ownership is an absolute MUST during a banking crisis.

Several big banks have already failed. Silicon Valley Bank had nominal assets of $209 billion. Signature Bank of New York failed with nominal assets of $118 billion.

These banks became two of the nation's top three failures in history!

The only larger one was the ignominious 2008 failure of Washington Mutual which had assets of over $300 billion.

Meanwhile, many other banks may be overleveraged and – despite new liquidity "tools" created by the Federal Reserve – may ultimately be unable to cope with a rush of depositors looking to yank their deposits.

The world may also be set heading toward negative scenarios, as concerns about a global recession and even a global war are rising.

Consider, for a moment, what it could mean to you if your bank closed down.

What if you were unable to pull cash to go to the grocery store, buy gasoline, or heat your home? Or what if you were able to get cash, but discovered that cash was now nearly worthless?