White House Actions Raise Risks to Economy

Something like the plot of Atlas Shrugged seems to be playing out across America.

In the novel, corruption and mediocrity spread through institutions including the power company and the bureaucracies charged with keeping the lights on in New York City. Eventually they fail entirely and the lights go out in the city's high-rise buildings.

Here in real world, it would be no surprise to many if a big city went dark tomorrow. It seems the unthinkable is becoming more and more thinkable as time goes.

This raises questions for investors who want to protect themselves from rising risk factors.

At least some demand for physical bullion always comes from people concerned about emergency preparedness and barter. This demand only figures to keep growing as the institutions which make up the basic plumbing of our modern economy stop working right.

The flaw in concentrating so much power in so few institutions is now on full display.

The massive corporations running things like the power grid struggle to hire or train enough people with the skills needed to maintain the infrastructure. The debate as to why is long and complicated, but among the reasons are the deficient U.S. education system as well as government programs encouraging people not to work.