What Would an Early Biden Departure Mean for Markets?

Joe Biden entered the Oval Office with relatively low approval ratings. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, an economy in decline, rising consumer prices, and potential scandals simmering in the background haven’t helped his approval ratings over the past two years.

News broke over the weekend that Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, will be stepping down. The speculation is that Klain may just be the first among staffers who might abandon ship in the weeks ahead.

The corporate press now seems to be turning on the president, after having previously downplayed the “laptop from hell” story and other big stories.

But the latest imbroglio surrounding the discovery of classified documents stored illegally in multiple locations is getting traction in the press.

It is early, but Biden may be in serious trouble. If Biden is forced out of office in disgrace, either by resignation or impeachment, it is bound to have an impact on markets.