The Retirement Income Sonnet

My consultancy assists annuity manufacturers and advisors in identifying and articulating scalable opportunities to position annuities within the framework of market and economic conditions. Given the demise of pension plans, and the potential for annuities to serve as a core source of retirement income certainty, I composed the following poem to mix a bit of levity with a purposeful message. You can reach me at [email protected], or 860-559-3193.

When the party is over
The gold watch presented
The commute no longer
Corporate access prevented

When the final paycheck clears
The last ER match made
Did I mention “no pension”
How shall I get paid?

Shall I take four percent,
inflated each year?
If four is too much,
will three keep me clear?

Time segments might do
With time on my side
If my equity bucket
When needed doesn't slide

Dividends are too skinny,
bond yields too low
To create the income
That I need to go

On trips far afield
To faraway places
Or just visiting family
And friends in their spaces

I’ve saved and invested
along the way
A respectable sum
A pile some say

But without guarantees
Of cash flow unceasing
That pile unnerves me
With bear risks increasing

So I’ll cast my lot
With the law of large numbers
I’ll buy an annuity
And enjoy quiet slumbers

Some mix might be best
Of invest and insure
For assets to grow
For income to endure

Whether SPIA or DIA
Or guaranteed withdrawal
Did I mention no pension?
No problem at all!

John Rafferty has spent much of his 30-year career building annuity marketing departments at MassMutual, AIG/American General, and Symetra. He holds a B.A. in economics from Colby College and an M.A. in public policy from Trinity College, and currently operates an annuity sales and marketing consultancy,

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