The Fastest Dividend Growth Stock I Have Ever Seen

Fastest Grower

This Dividend Challenger is cheap with the fastest dividend growth rate I have ever seen. As a Dividend Challenger the company represents a recent dividend payer with a dividend streak of 5 years or greater. This gem of a mid-cap dividend growth stock has also been a powerful growth stock as well. The company started paying its first dividend in 2015 and has grown at an average rate exceeding 100% per year. Although I doubt it will continue growing its dividend at that rate, I do believe it will continue growing its dividend at a very high rate going forward. The company has a strong balance sheet, great liquidity and powerful growth potential.

In this video I will review Medifast, Inc (MED).

Medifast with Dividend
Medifast FAST Grap

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video

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