Is Ageing Inflationary? Really?

Ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.
-David Bowie

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Our new ARP+ service is now live. As I said earlier this year, new and stricter rules (known as MiFID II) do not allow financial services firms to provide research free of charge any longer, and the new rules are limiting my ability to write about investment opportunities without charging a fee for it.

For an annual subscription fee of £300, you get:

  1. Access to our thinking on the eight megatrends that drive our investment strategy and portfolio construction. These papers are a mix of new papers and updates on existing papers.
  2. At least six ARP research papers every year. These papers dig deeper on specific investment opportunities and are different to the Absolute Return Letter in style and content. In addition to that, you get access to our archives of prior research papers.
  3. Access to ARP strategy summary papers. These papers are produced by our research team and will provide more information on the various investment strategies we excel in.
  4. Access to ARP opinions. These papers are relatively brief papers, expressing our views on a timely subject with relevance to financial markets.
  5. Quarterly webinars where I will review relevant investment topics.

All in all, a pretty exciting package, I think. We have had an early bird offer - £150 for the first year provided you sign up no later than the 1st September. As that was yesterday with many still away on holiday, we have decided to extend the offer until Sunday the 8th September. If I can tempt you to join ARP+ (assuming you haven’t done so already), I suggest you click on ARP+. You will be asked a couple of questions and, provided you agree to those, you can sign up.


Now to something far more serious:

What is the cost of lies? It is not that we’ll mistake them from the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognise the truth at all. What can we do then?

Those were the words uttered by Valery Alekseyevich Legasov (played by Jared Harris) seconds before he took his own life in Chernobyl – the TV drama about the nuclear disaster in Ukraine in 1986. If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly urge you to do so. TV rarely comes better than that. And if you think I have just given the storyline away, I can assure you I have not.