Investment Outlook: Turbulence Ahead but Opportunities Remain

Here are key takeaways from our Q1 2019 Investment Outlook report:

  • Concerns about trade, rising rates and growth that drove volatility in 2018 are still in play, so we expect the turbulence to continue in the new year.
  • We attribute the flatter yield curve to Federal Reserve (Fed) tightening, not a looming recession. We expect the yield curve to resume a more-normal slope once the Fed achieves normalization.
  • An environment of moderating economic and earnings growth should favor secular growth companies, while periodic volatility will create opportunities to buy high-quality companies that are victims of indiscriminate selling.
  • Stocks with less exposure to U.S.-China trade tensions, including smaller firms that derive most of their revenues from local sources, may offer attractive opportunities.
  • Despite a challenging year in 2018, emerging markets (EM) fundamentals remain strong, and we believe EM continue to warrant an allocation in well-diversified portfolios.
  • Absent further escalation in trade or geopolitical conflicts, we expect healthy economic growth to push 10-year Treasury yields higher, eventually settling in a range of 2.75% to 3.25%.
  • In the wake of recent volatility, we believe EM sovereign and corporate debt are fairly valued overall, particularly compared with U.S. credit. However, heightened country-specific risks underscore the importance of remaining selective.
  • In this environment, investors should consider uncorrelated sources of return through alternative fixed-income sectors, such as asset-backed securities (ABS) and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

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