Charts That Matter: Fifth Edition – April 2016

Water Scenario in India: We are moving from stress zone to scarcity zone… gulp!

Keep this index on your watchlist: El Nino – An important lead indicator of Indian monsoons.


30 Day Moving SOI

Source: Ministry of Water Resources

  • SOI Index: A reading of (-) 7 and lower is in the El Nino zone while +7 and higher is in the La Nina Zone. Currently, as you can see, the SOI index is in the EL Nino Zone
  • The SOI index reading for Feb & March has been the deepest EL Nino territory in the last 3 years!

Did you know that 40% of India’s largest car maker’s incremental sales came through this channel last year?

India’s remittances have been strongly correlated with crude price. Did you know that remittances de-grew 7.5% in 3Q FY16, the weakest number since March 2009?

Source: RBI, Bloomberg

But strong FDI flows to India have cushioned weak remittances to some extent

Source: Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion of Government of India

A silent revolution led by the private sector is taking place in the power sector

India’s per capita power consumption is 1/4th of China and 1/20th of developed world

Source: Citi Research

With markets questioning central bank omnipotence, is it the right time to look at gold?


Source: CLSA

The S&P rally has more behind it than strong fundamentals.

Companies in a “borrow to buy-back” nirvana

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