Charts That Matter: Fourth Edition

This is the fourth edition of my monthly ‘Charts That Matter’ (CTM) series. As with the previous editions, I have tried to present analysis beyond what we do on a daily basis. For example, did you know that as per the World Bank, the Indian government’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) is the largest social security and public works programme in the world, providing social security net to 15% of India’s population. Till date the programme has paid out ~Rs.3 trillion, generating a whopping 20 billion man-hours of rural employment. As we end our working day today, 11 million rural workers would have worked on 0.6 million sites today! Or that India’s water table levels in its reservoirs are dangerously low as compared to the last 10 years average? India has seen two bad monsoons; another year of scanty rains could have serious implications for prices of agri produce and thereby inflation. Some of these findings have been included in the charts. I have got overwhelming response to CTM in a pretty short time. In fact, a simple google search for “Charts That Matter” throws the previous two editions ( as the top two result outputs. Will now let the charts do the talking! I hope it makes for a crisp and informative presentation.

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