Never Sell the Negative

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Has a prospect told you what they didn’t want instead of what they did want? They fume about what they want to avoid. You might hear comments like:

“I don’t want to run out of money!”

“I don’t want to deal with volatility anymore!”

“I hate inflation. Everything is so expensive!”

Moving Away

This negative mindset is called Moving Away. You can’t sell the negative. You can only sell the positive. You can’t sell an avoidance, but you can sell an approach. You can’t sell running out of money in retirement. But you can sell an income stream that will last throughout retirement. You can’t sell a disdain for volatility. But you can sell taking distributions when the portfolio has increased. You can’t sell not paying taxes, but you can sell Roth IRA distributions.

In preparation to speak at a national broker/dealer meeting, the client told me he never wanted a repeat of their previous convention. While he never once told me what he wanted, he could only tell what went wrong. The keynote speaker took too much time. Didn’t do his research on the group and left immediately after his presentation. This is also another example of a Moving Away mindset.