Want to More Effectively Engage Your Clients? Learn to Chat with ChatGPT

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Note: This article was created with the assistance of generative AI.

Can artificial intelligence help you have stronger, more authentic relationships with human clients?

Yes; leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT can help you more effectively communicate with clients and prospects. ChatGPT or other chatbots can help you research, write, and edit content to address their problems and concerns. These AI tools can provide precise responses to specific client questions, or create more generalized content that will resonate with a broad client base.

Here’s are some ways to begin your mastery of these tools:

Engage it like a person and be specific with prompts

The key to chatting with ChatGPT is engaging the tool as if it were a person, a knowledgeable consultant. When you input a question or “prompt” ask for detailed and specific information. The more detailed your request, the better it will address your specific situation. For example:

“List three to five bullet points on how to use ChatGPT to help advisors write blogposts and communications for clients”.

Or this prompt I gave ChatGPT:

example 2

In this example, use your specific knowledge or conviction about country XYZ, then elaborate on the more generic bullet points ChatGPT returns.