Nvidia Is Missing Link in a Strong Season of AI Earnings Reports

Results from the world’s biggest technology companies have brought mostly good news. There’s just one missing piece: Nvidia Corp.

The company, whose dominance in chips that do the heavy lifting for AI computing have made it the focal point in a market captivated by the burgeoning technology, isn’t due to report earnings until May 22.

That’s well after other releases that have shown profits rising at a healthy clip, demand for artificial intelligence tools boosting sales for cloud computing services and signs of continued heavy spending on AI gear.

“You have massive buyers of chips coming in saying we were already buying a ton, we’re buying even more. The question for Nvidia is: is it enough?,” Mike Bailey, director of research at Fulton Breakefield Broenniman LLC, said on Friday.

Nvidia shares rose as much as 3.6% on Monday, adding more than $70 billion in market value.