What to Tell Clients in a Nasty Election Cycle

allan roth

Recently, I received a rather interesting letter in the mail.

allan roth letter

The article to which this “Concerned American” refers was about investing in low-cost diversified index funds and U.S. Treasury instruments, such as TIPS. It wasn’t about politics, nor was I even thinking of the election as I wrote the piece.

Contrary to the letter-writer’s assumptions, I’m neither a Democrat, nor am I blind, deaf, or receiving compensation for my recommendations, beyond the usual contributors’ payment from the publication for which I wrote the article.

While “Concerned American’s” views are extreme and a tad unhinged, it would be a mistake to regard this person’s perspective as isolated. While perhaps not to the same extremes, many of our clients are having similar thoughts about the stock and bond markets in the wake of high inflation. This includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters alike. (As a moderate Independent, I have observed that those on the left and right both seem equally hostile toward my beliefs.)