Supercharge Your RIA Without M&A

Steve SandersAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

Despite what headlines say, expensive M&A isn’t the only way to grow a firm. Tech-savvy registered investment advisors (RIAs) can lean on innovations in operations, investing and client reporting to supercharge their businesses.

Technology can be pricey. In a market focused on fees and costs, RIAs must thoughtfully invest in innovation while delivering a premium service experience to clients.

So where to begin?

Embrace automation

Today’s technology-driven landscape makes it easier than ever for RIAs to automate. Advisors can save time and minimize errors by using trading and rebalancing tools, portfolio management and CRM systems to manage accounts. Automation in data analysis also frees up time to provide more personalized advice or pursue new business.

One practical approach to lowering operational costs is to find custodians and technology providers with competitive pricing and automated tools and support. This strategy increases profit margins for the RIA, which can offer better pricing to clients. Not all providers are alike, so RIAs will need to research and negotiate to find one that aligns with their business model and client needs.

Differentiate with diversified investments

Advisors are drawn to independence because they gain freedom to manage clients the way they want to, as fiduciaries. Still, many find themselves adrift in a sea of domestic sameness, sorting through supermarkets of similar investments to build portfolios and asset-allocation strategies.

A global view presents an opportunity to diversify client portfolios and benefit from growth opportunities worldwide. By offering investments in emerging markets, international equities, global fixed income products, and even alternatives, RIAs can serve clients seeking exposure to different economies, sectors and currencies.