How To De-Commoditize Yourself

ari galperAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

A reduction in situational awareness occurs in a profession when everyone does the same thing and gets similar results.

Mentors, who succeeded in a prior decade, teach everyone what they know.

But as everyone incestuously follows them, the effectiveness of those methods declines over time.

It’s not a race to the bottom; it’s a race to the middle.

The danger with the middle is the normative effect it has on attitudes and mindsets within the profession, which flow into your practice.

Prospects go through your multi-step sales process, then they ghost you at the end.

Lost opportunities become usual, typical, and dangerously acceptable: “It wasn’t me, it was them, they weren’t a fit.”

In your mind, you’re doing everything you were taught to do, by the book.

The only chance you have to shift your results starts with ruthlessly rejecting the notion that losing opportunities in your sales process is normal and acceptable.

When qualified prospects come to you with a problem you can solve, but don’t hire you to solve it, then the problem isn’t with them... it’s with you.

That’s situational awareness stage one.