Growth Advice: “How Do We Create LinkedIn Content That Speaks to Our Clients?”

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If your firm wants to create marketing content for LinkedIn, but your advisors cater to different client types, how can your brand effectively speak to each type without isolating others?

This is an important question, and a common challenge we help RIAs tackle at FiComm Partners. The answer is nuanced but becomes clear when explored from a modern marketing lens. Our conversation begins with a deeper look at the firm’s ideal client personas from a psychographic and worldview perspective, not just based on demographics.

Watch the video above to see the consulting I offered to Rachel Shaw, head of marketing at Icon Wealth Partners, who wrote into “Dear FiComm” with this question. I invite you to explore how to strategically approach this opportunity in your content and send us any follow-up questions that come to mind! We’ll see you next month with a new episode.

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Candice Carlton has an impressive track record of driving change and innovation across the RIA industry. Previously Mercer Advisors and United Capital, she’s created multiple award-winning digital campaigns, partnered with discerning industry heavyweights like BlackRock to create marketing masterclasses for their network of 30,000 advisors, designed XY Planning Network’s Growth Curriculum, and built United Capital’s Digital Network and advisor video program before their sale to Goldman Sachs. Today, Candice serves as EVP of Consulting and Innovation at FiComm Partners. On the weekends, she finds fulfillment and balance by teaching yoga and meditation, spending time with her Golden Doodle (Sunshine) and consuming every book and podcast on Modern Marketing.

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