Nurturing Client Relationships Through Video Communication

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Video communication is transforming the way financial advisors connect with clients and prospects. Beyond just a tool for marketing on platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, or TikTok, video are a dynamic medium for personal, direct engagement.

Our clients find that incorporating video into various aspects of their client communications offers convenience, visibility, engagement, and more. This is because, when used effectively, video is one of the most powerful relationship-building tools at our disposal as business owners. Whether it's through real-time conversations or thoughtful asynchronous messages, video communication opens a new dimension of client engagement.

Here’s how you can use video to build relationships with clients and prospects.

Make meetings more convenient

Video might never fully replace shaking hands and pulling up a chair, but many firms are entirely virtual. If you have a physical office, you may not want to cancel your lease yet, but don’t miss out on the advantages of video conferencing.

Given today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it's clear that many clients, including busy professionals and active retirees, value the convenience and flexibility of video calls. As you know, high earners and the affluent are often busy with work, travel, and other commitments. Video offers ease, convenience, and more flexible scheduling without the need to come into the office. Even older retirees are using video technology now to keep in touch with grandchildren and friends. Offering video call options caters to this growing preference, ensuring that your services are both accessible and accommodating.