Are You a Category of One?

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If your solutions are becoming commoditized, then your sales process (not your solutions) need to change to be seen as a “category of one.”

Most advisors are educating their prospects and doing free consulting, fuelling the commoditization of the profession.

Ideally, you want your prospect to choose you at the end of the first meeting, without saying: “I’d like to think about it.”

You know you’re a highly competent advisor, but you may be feeling indistinguishable from other advisors, and your prospects “shopping” you is a trend that is only increasing.

How do you buck this trend? Shift your mindset

Advisors typically focus on their solutions and expertise, as they have been conditioned to prove their value, by demonstrating it in their sales process.

This approach only mimics what other advisors are doing, causing prospects to continue interviewing other advisors to find someone they can trust – because all the advisors they meet with appear similar in their value propositions.