The Gratitude of Lifetime Annuities

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Will your clients’ retirement savings last as long as they do? It's a question on the minds of many financial professionals and their clients, and rightly so. In fact, according to 2022 data from Athene, over half (55%) of American adults are worried that they will outlive their retirement savings. Planning for retirement is a difficult and stressful time for your clients, and the uncertainty around outliving savings adds another level of complexity and anxiety.

As of 2020, American men were expected to live 75.1 years, and women 80.5 years on average, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. For a couple turning 65, this could mean another 19 years in retirement, if not longer. For many, the joy of an extended retirement can be overshadowed by the worry of financial stability during these years.

It is crucial to explore financial tools that offer both stability and certainty. Enter fixed-indexed annuities (FIAs) – a retirement solution that positions you as an architect of retirement for your clients, guiding them to build a retirement savings strategy so that they can experience the gratitude that comes with guaranteed income in retirement.