You Lost the Sale at “Hello”

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What would it take for your qualified prospects to feel so confident after an initial meeting with you that they felt it wasn’t necessary to see any other advisors and they were ready to hire you on the spot?

Is that scenario even possible? This idea may fly in the face of everything you’ve been taught by your mentors over the years.

The “normal,” acceptable sales approach is to lengthen the process over multiple steps.

The discovery meeting, the planning meeting, and all other in-between meetings are designed to widen the sales window – because the belief is that the more your prospect can experience you as their advisor pre-sale, the easier it’ll be for them to become your client at the end of your process.

But is this belief based in truth?

Is this value-based, “try you and then they’ll buy you” approach really a consistent and reliable method for converting qualified prospects into paying clients in a commoditized market?

It no longer is.