The “You Era” is Over

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When you are trying to build trust with a new prospect, one of the worst things you can do is sell your “value proposition” – an extinct notion that no longer applies in today’s highly competitive market.

Here’s the reason why: Your value proposition is all about you, not them.

It's about what you believe in, your values and your goals.

Reality check: Your prospects don’t care about you, and they aren’t selecting you based on what you believe.

They’re selecting you based on your ability to understand them and their deepest issues (that’s what trust-building is).

Attempting to impress, prove and sell you and your firm makes the assumption that your prospect will see you as completely different than any other advisor they’ve previously met.

That’s a dangerous assumption. You cannot differentiate yourself that way. The other 400,000 or so advisors in our profession are doing the same thing.

Human nature is to designed to create an emotional connection to someone when they say to themselves: “They get me, they understand me, and more importantly they care about me.” Notice the emphasis on “me” and not you.

It sounds completely counterintuitive to the traditional know-like-and-trust sales model that many advisors grew up on.

That old model was based on your prospects needing to get to know you, then like you, then supposedly, they’ll choose you.

The “you era” is over.