Is More Leads the Solution?

Ari GalperAdvisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives.

I spoke with a very experienced advisor recently, a 69-year-old who has been in the game for 36 years.

He told me that although he was financially secure himself, he was still working to get the business in good shape before he passed it on or sold it.

His number-one struggle was (in his own words), “too many tire kickers”.

He had leads coming in, but not enough were becoming new-paying clients. This was placing an immense burden on him, as well as frustrating his desire to be at peace about retiring.

Having enough leads but not enough paying clients is a perplexing problem most advisors face.

The initial conclusion is that the problem must be with lead-generation in general – people are just more skeptical and less trusting these days, which is partially true.

But what if we stop thinking of prospects who don’t commit as “tire-kickers,” and instead view them as potential clients we lost?