A Sound Idea: Use a Podcast to Build Your Business

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As recently as 2006, podcasts were limited to the technological intelligentsia: only 22% of the population had even heard of them. But by 2022, 79% of Americans expressed familiarity with podcasts, with the vast majority having one or two they listened to regularly. Not only that, but listener frequency is growing steadily. During the decade ending in 2022, those listening to at least one podcast in the previous month more than tripled. By 2024, an estimated 100 million Americans will be regular podcast listeners.

Clearly, the audience for this medium is on a strong growth curve. But does that mean that it’s an audience independent financial advisors should be targeting?

Well, there’s plenty of evidence that listeners are eager for financial information. Category-leading productions like NPR’s Planet Money, The Dave Ramsey Show, Motley Fool Money, and others capture the attention of millions of listeners each month.

And just because there are some big players, independent planners shouldn’t assume that there isn’t room in the landscape for well-conceived audio content that is carefully designed for a specific market segment or investor persona. Because the “big kids” rely on garnering the broadest audience possible, it is eminently smart for innovative advisors to hone a presentation to appeal to the exact clients they want to acquire.