How to Develop Superstars

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John was excited about his first job. He worked hard the first few months to learn necessary skills. He wanted to do the best he could and hoped to come up with some ideas to increase his productivity. At first, he received little, if any feedback. He was given only minimal direction and supervision. Finally, plagued with frustration, he went to his supervisor, Tom Grant. "Mr. Grant, how am I doing? I really want to do well in this job. But I don't have any feeling as to whether I am doing well or not." Mr. Grant's gruff response was, "You're doing just fine, John. I’ll let you know if you're not."

Unfortunately, too many businesses are run this way.

The only time the supervisor gives you feedback is when you are making mistakes, tearing John's self-esteem apart and leaving him in a motivational limbo state. Mr. Grant, with a little praise and a few kind words, could have given John the inspiration he wanted to keep doing well.